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About Yakima Valley Labels

Shortly after joining the fruit industry in 1980, I was introduced to the paper labels and decided to start collecting. As I traveled to the various shipping areas in the 80s, I would trade with other collectors and met some nice people between Oroville, Washington and Medford,Oregon. Most of my trades were made along highway 97 between the northern border and Yakima.

In the early years people traded and money values were not important. Dealers became a part of the hobby and prices became important with buying and selling the norm from the 90s through the present. A lot of collectors lost interest in collecting labels due to the money involved, including me. The Yakima museum published their label book in the 90s, displaying many labels a lot of the collectors had never seen before and my interest in the hobby was reborn.

This website is a result of taking the museum's book to the next level and displaying the different variations of each label in hopes of helping the collector in his/her search and expanding his/her knowledge of the industry. It will also help anyone interested in the art that was a part of the industry back in the day of wood crates with a label affixed to the end.The site will be constantly updated to show new images as new labels are found among the collectors, and shared for our benefit.

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